The poem 'The Heart of the Tree' is poem about the beauty of planting a tree or the satisfaction derived from this practice. In this poem, the poet beautifully describes the actual essence of what a person plants when he plants a tree.


The central idea of the poem is to let the readers know the benefits of the tree and contribute in saving them.It tells us that the heart of the tree is magnanimous.It blesses those who don't care for it and even those who care for it

The Heart of the Tree by the American poet and novelist Henry Cuyler Bunner is a fine piece of poetry with a simple theme and a simpler structure. The poem was originally published in 1912.

It tells us how and in what many ways, the tree plays a significant role in maintaining the ecosystem, eco-friendly development, adding beauty to the plains, becoming a home for sweet singing birds and making the earth a wonderful place to live in with fresh air and healthy atmosphere

The poem heart of trees is relevant to our times because we cut down trees for building houses,roads,etc. ... In this poem its talks about the usefullness of trees and talks about trees which r good friends of our environment. It also says that when we feel hot during summer we take the shade of a trees

The trees here are symbolic of beauty and strength. ... He says that the plants produce the seeds which further develops into a new tree. The poet says that planting a tree today will bloom into a future forest and would be an investment for the future generation

Henry Bunner's poem truly motivates people in plantation as it chooses to show the greatness of the man who plants a tree rather than just saying the usefulness of trees. ... Thus, the poet goes on to highlight the theme of environmental awareness and appeals people to plant more trees in a brilliant way through his poem

The killing of a tree symbolises deforestation. The plundering of trees is a threat to our environment. A tree takes a lot of time to grow by absorbing air, water, sunlight and minerals from the soil. ... Therefore we must be sensitive towards trees and killing of trees must be stopped





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