Most of the interviews are being conducted online due to the deadly Covid 19 pandemic. If you are a job seeker in 2021, there is a 100% possibility that you will encounter a video interview sooner or later. For camera-shy folks, dealing with the camera is a challenge.

So, if you have a video interview coming up, and,

if you want to build a strategy to appear more confident,

if you want to stand out from hundreds of job candidates?

Follow these five simple tips to appear more warm, calm, and confident in the video interview:

1) Set up

The goal of the video interview is to attract the interviewers' focus. Before setting up the interview, make sure your background is very simple and full of light with excellent internet connectivity.

Download and understand your video interview application suggested by company HR a day before the interview. Practice a dummy interview with your family or friends before the actual interview to understand each function of the application. Make sure your audio and video are away from technical glitches.

2) Dress to impress

The secret of being successful in the interview is to make yourself memorable. An outstanding personality means that you will impress the interview panel. Therefore, combining your personality with a nice formal outfit will make you stand out.

While appearing for an online interview, prepare yourself in a way that you would do for an actual face to face interview. This will not only help you to gain confidence but also show that you are serious about the job.

3) Do your research

During an interview, the interviewer will always look for confidence while you answer the questions. Researching about the company and the interviewer well before an interview can make you feel more confident. The common questions you should be prepared for are:

  • Tell me about yourself?
  • What do you know about our company?
  • Tell me about the time you have shown leadership skills?
Do your research

You can get more information about the company on the website, the annual report, and in an investor relations section. For the information about the interviewer, you can check his or her LinkedIn profile and check the profile of the people who work in the department you are interviewing for.

4) Eye-Contact

It is easy to wander your eyes while on camera. Maintaining eye contact with the interviewer makes you appear more confident. During an online interview, you can make eye contact with the interviewer by not looking at your own picture or laptop screen but looking at your laptop camera. Ensure your eyes and the camera are at the same level.

5)Practice, Practice, and Practice

“Practice makes a man perfect’’ this proverb fits perfectly in the context of an interview. Practicing your interview will not only make you understand your mistakes but also will help you to work on your pauses and voice modulation. Set aside time to practice your interview before a few days of an actual interview. This boosts up your confidence and makes you feel more natural in front of the camera.

Whether you appear for an online interview or a face-to-face interview, the goal of the interview remains the same, that is, to give your best. By keeping these simple tips in mind, you can make your interview more effective which will ultimately help you in landing your dream job.

Practice, Practice, and Practice

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